Hi, I’m Mr M Dongo, Your automation guy at BNC

Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and small business owners—from a variety of industries—to free them from doing routine tasks and help them streamline their businesses.

Each of my clients requires a unique level of support, but they all have one thing in common: they desire to grow their business but feel overwhelmed because of too much work on their hands.

If you’re in the same situation and looking for some ways to lower the effort you put in your business and let computers do the rest then you are at the right place. We have helped thousands of people with everything automation, from marketing, sales, follow up, client onboarding experience and more. Contact us now for more.

Very happy with Mr M Dongo's service. Since working with him, I feel like I get my life back. ”—Megan Barnett, CEO at Lyly Boutique.

—Megan Barnett, CEO at Lyly Boutique

4 Reasons Why We Must Automate Your Business

Grow Your Sales

Do you know that you are loosing more money because your funnel has a lick that is licking money because of the lack of proper automation in your business.

Get Converted Leads

So many people are getting a lot of leads but that are not converted already. With automation, a lead will convert him or herself before you contact them.

Happy Clients

Since your communication is a flowless as it can be, you can communicate with your in both real time and automated and it builds credibility for your brand and business.

More Time For You

Since you will be focusing on closing and our system will be handling the lead generation and converting, it will give you more time delivering and closing the deals.

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